Thursday, June 9, 2011

Shaken: Stories for Japan

Timothy Hallinan has edited an ebook anthology of twenty top authors called SHAKEN: STORIES FOR JAPAN.  The anthology is now available on Amazon, and all the proceeds go to Japan's earthquake relief efforts. 

The anthology is not only a worthwhile literary achievement, it is a remarkable humanitarian effort as well.  Timothy and his team of authors worked hard to create this edition, and I applaud their contribution.  Let's make their work worthwhile by purchasing the ebook.


  1. I could never decide if it's easier to edit a volume or simply to write the darn thing yourself. There's always 2-3 contributors with road blocks of some kind. It's a tossup.

  2. Yeah, and Tim mentioned that he'd worked 15 hours a day on it at one point. That is a remarkable effort, IMHO. And I've heard that Amazon is donating their share of the sale to the Relief Fund as well, so the effort should be well rewarded.

    Many thanks to all who contributed and purchased.