Friday, July 29, 2011

New York Writers Workshop

If you've completed a novel, New York Writers Workshop has a new class

Have you written a novel? Are you thinking about 'next steps'? Today there are more publishing paths than ever--from traditional deals to becoming your own independent publisher.

This fall, Jenny Milchman will be teaching a class for New York Writers Workshop that explores the whole range of publishing options. You will learn what makes a novel ready for publication, and how to ensure that yours is truly ready. A close knit atmosphere of writerly support is a hallmark of NYWW courses.

After 11 years of trying to break in, Jenny recently received an offer on her debut novel. It will be coming out from Ballantine/Random House in early 2013. The experiences she's had along the way will inform this class, as will special guest author appearances by people who have self-published, been traditionally published, and some who have done both.

Please follow this link to learn more and feel free to email me with any questions.

This class will assist your novel find its best path to publication!

I've taken a class from the NYWW, and it was instrumental in moving me forward in my writing career.  It will be worthwhile, I'm sure.


  1. It is certainly a struggle to publish. Unfortunately I have not been able to connect with a big publisher. However after years of trying, even as I sent my work to various publishers big and small, I decided why not self publish. Then I received an offer to publish with a small firm. Unlike larger firms the company floats no advance and you really have to get that editing down to as publishable as possible. Never the less I am excited about my endeavor and The Coparazzi should be out by Dec. Visit The Coparazzi blog.

  2. Well said, Vinnie. I firmly believe the way for a writer to get into publication is through the independent press route. Yes, self-publishing is an option. If that route is chosen, a writer is well advised to find a good editor to help polish the ms to a high level.

    Congratulations on getting The Coparazzi into print. I am sure the struggle was well worth it in the end, and best of luck to you.