Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tribute to Norway

Land of fjords, mountains, waterfalls, forests, beautiful cities and beautiful people.  This poem was written several years ago and was published in the 2007 edition of Wordsmith.  It came rushing back to mind during our recent visit to Norway, so I offer it here with slight modification.

Climb with me the rugged stair
            With wonder gaze on mountain lair
            Breathe deep once more the cleansing air.


On bank of silver brook we rest
            Midst golden flowers dew caressed
            As eagles soar o’er mountain crest.

Unblemished waters in their flow
            Wash mountain stone with melted snow
            And nurture verdant field below.


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    1. That was a lovely ode to a lovely place. I visited Norway in 1995-- loved it and the Norwegian people. The photos show Norway so fresh and cool, not at all like our sweltering So Cal temps right now, which are nothing, compared to the temps and humidity in NYC right now.

    2. Hello Marta, thank you for stopping by, and I appreciate your comments. Indeed, Norway was fresh and cool, the high was in the upper sixties, and the lows in the mid forties. Enjoy S. California, it will be much better soon.