Monday, December 22, 2014

Writer's Block

I've been suffering from writer's block for some time now.  I have three projects I want to do and was trying to work on one of them - IT WAS AUGUST is the working title.

But I haven't been able to make much progress - I'd pick it up, go through the manuscript, make a few adjustments, and try to add a few more paragraphs to the story.  Painfully slow progress is not the way to get a story finished, even though it is all mapped out, the characters are set, the action is choreographed and each scene is cast in my mind.  So why the block?

I finally figure it out.  I've been working on the wrong project!  I set IT WAS AUGUST aside and started on the other story, and already have over 2,000 words in the can.  Voila, no more block. Hopefully, will be able to make this level of progress on the new story.

It's not that AUGUST is a bad project or a waste of time, far from it. It's a great story and hopefully I will be able to pick it up again once this one is complete.

Will keep you posted.

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