Saturday, January 15, 2011


A little about me.  First, I'm not one who opens up a lot, so this is a growth experience for me. 

For starters, I am a veteran of the US Army - Vietnam Era.  Didn't spend any time in 'Nam, the Army saw fit to send me to Europe - the Netherlands to be specific.  In retrospect, that was one of the formative experiences of my life.

Married my high school sweetheart in 1972.  She's still my high school sweetheart, and still my wife.  We have two beautiful daughters.  The oldest is in PR, the youngest is married and teaches second grade in a nearby school along with her husband.

I have a terrific job, and work with wonderful people.  But this blog isn't about my job, it's about my passion for writing.

I've written two novels, as yet unpublished, and am working on a third (and a fourth and a fifth).  I also am one of the poetry editors for Conclave: A Journal of Character.  We published two editions, both available on Amazon, but am afraid there may not be a third.  Readership hasn't been what we've hoped.

My first novel took first place in the Florida Writers Association's Royal Palm Literary Award competition.  I submitted it to the first Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition, and it was ranked 9th by readers but didn't make the finals.

So I spent some time honing my craft, and voraciously read other mystery writers, primarily Florida based.  Really enjoy Randy Wayne White, Carl Hiassen (of course), and Tim Dorsey.  And John D. MacDonald, author of the timeless Travis McGee series, remains an all time favorite.

Then I tackled my second novel, titled DOG ISLAND, which could well become (like JDM and RWW) a series.  The novel is being considered by Oak Tree Press.  Sunny Frazier has been very helpful in sharing her experience in the publishing business.

I'd love to hear from readers and writers, especially those interested in the mystery/suspense/thriller genres. 


  1. Tom, I hope you have the very best of success with your novels. I still kick myself for missing the deadline on the 2nd Conclave: I wanted to make a yearly tradition of submitting. And now I may never even have another chance. :( You're a wonderful person and I am so glad your life sounds very rewarding. I blogged the poem you gave me for my birthday (with full credits to you) as the nicest gift I received.

  2. Best of luck with Oak Tree, Tom, and welcome to the blogosphere! I've read Tom's second novel and can assure readers it's well worth a look. I hope it finds the right home soon!

  3. Savvy, you are one of the finest poets I know, and I am so glad you enjoyed your birthday poem.

    And Jenny, I thoroughly enjoyed COVER OF SNOW. I know you're grown a lot since then, and your skills eclipse many well known authors.

    I treasure both of you as friends.