Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Dog's Life

Our daughter is visiting, and she left her dog with Christine, a sitter. Christine has been kind enough to send her daily updates of Rocket's adventures. Here is a recap of Rocket's day, published with Christine's permission.

When you had mentioned that he had lived in NYC, I figured it would be fun for him to see some of the sights of downtown.
Here he is sending me telepathy for us to get a move on.

It worked! He loved watching the action out of the car window and would look over occasionally at me. I think he wondered who I was and what a change of events it was from yesterday. We even heard Elton John singing Rocket's song on the radio. I swear I heard Rocket humming when it came to his part of the song.

Rocket was very excited by time we arrived and parked on the border of Little Tokyo & the Arts District. Here he is posing with bated breath in front of the city. Let's explore!

He took a breather in a little square in Little Tokyo. You can see the lanterns dancing above him.

Uh, well I think Rocket has found his inside "dawg" while cruising down the city streets. Word. He had to get a photo of the tags on the wall, and me being his new mija, I had to oblige. I saw him flash the secret paw sign when we passed a homeboy.

Rocket really enjoyed the art district area. We even stopped at a little café and sat and relaxed. I enjoyed soup and he enjoyed a small sliver of his Happy Hips Duck Breast.

Here is Rocket after our respite. Adventure over, it was time to go home.


  1. Looks like he had a great time--and I'm sure you did too :)

  2. It sure seems so, Jenny. Glad you stopped by.