Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Dog's Life - Part 2

I must say that truly the only way to experience Beverly Hills is with a dog like Rocket! He was the magic key to the city. Last time we experienced the smell of street urine and the sound of grocery carts scooting along the asphalt in the heart of downtown. For contrast, on this trip we would smell the over-perfumed, plastic girls and hear the sound of diamonds clinking in Beverly Hills.

Here he is in front of this modern art piece.

Looking for a Pretty Woman, he strolled along Rodeo Drive

He took BH by storm. People in tour buses waved as they passed by. Paparazzi with clicking cameras followed his every move. Don't be too surprised if you see his picture featured in every supermarket tabloid.

Seriously, as we passed by all the people on the street we could hear them talk about Rocket in various languages. "Regardez, le chien," or "Mida! El perro!". Several children stopped to pet him. All the Beverly Hills women with little puffball dogs opened their arms to Rocket and me for conversation. "Oh how much does your Bichon weigh?", "Oh, what a cute dog!", and "Please do join Muffie and me on the verandah for some cucumber sandwiches!" (Um, okay, perhaps that last one was a slight exaggeration.)

Rocket went to Beverly Hills
at Jack & Jill's
to fetch a drink of water.

He sat down
and lost his frown
as the water came soon after.

Rocket had to join in the performance art scene on Canon Drive. Afterwards we headed back through the residential streets and he sniffed every tree and stone that had a story to tell.

Back at his hotel, the front desk girls all greeted Rocket by name. He went up on two paws and did his Snoopy dance. The front desk girls squealed with delight. He sure knows how to work a room! Now he is passed out under the table and dreaming about his next luxury destination.

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