Sunday, May 22, 2011

Memorial Day

Memorial day is coming up. It's a day set aside to remember those who lost their lives defending ours. I wrote this in honor of the men and women who did not return, knowing that I, too, was once a soldier.

Memorial Day

Please think of me when autumn frost,
Turns leaf to russet gold.
When sheep file down from pasture high,
To keep in winter fold.

When bugles blew and drums of war,
In rhythm deep and slow,
Sent forth their call across the land,
To soldiering I did go.

Remember me when pale moon lights
Our valley cloaked in snow.
When nestled snug in woolen shawl,
Near firelight’s ruddy glow.

The poppies red of Flander’s field,
Bloom high in Afghan dale.
With silent tears they bow their heads,
And weep in hidden vale.

Forget me not when spring winds blow,
Place flowers near my name.
Please keep me locked inside your heart,
And love me all the same.

The guns report their deep respect,
The bugles solemn blow,
In grieving for the fallen ones,
Who did to soldiering go.

Please think of me when summer sun
Lies gentle on your shoulder.
Forgive me for the love unmade,
God rest the fallen soldier.

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