Saturday, October 6, 2012

Tales out of School, ...

 ... or a lesson in homophones.

A somewhat petulant first grader proclaimed in a clear southern drawl, "I need internet to work on my project and this computer doesn't have internet.  That one does."  A finger pointed to a computer where a little girl sat working.

"But that one is in use, you'll have to wait your turn," the teacher replied.

"But she doesn't belong here.  She says she does but she doesn't.  She's a-lyin'."

This response rankles the teacher, so she takes the child aside.  "We don't use words like that here.  There are much better words to use than that."

"But she is, she is a-lyin."  Teardrops glisten in the corner of the child's eyes.

Now the teacher is really rankled.  "What did I just tell you about using words like that?" she asked in her finest teacher's voice.

"But she is, see?"  A finger directed the teacher's gaze to the wall where each student was grouped with an animal as their identifying badge.

"I'm a Monkey, and she's a Lion.  It's the Monkeys' turn now."

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