Tuesday, December 4, 2012

COLDWATER by Diana Gould

The following is a review of a book coming soon. When you see it on the shelves, give it a try.

COLDWATER by Diana Gould

Brett Tanager is a mess.  Her world, once filled with love, money, and power, has been destroyed by alcohol and drugs.  Largely shunned by her wealthy friends, Brett is diminished to an occasional house-sitting job and handouts from friends.

Until the day her distraught step-daughter asks for her help in finding a missing friend, Brett’s life is totally focused on her self and her addictions.  Once she realizes there are needs far greater than her own, Brett’s path to redemption is clear.

COLDWATER is a vivid and harrowing picture of life among Hollywood’s rich and powerful, young and old alike.  Secrets that tear families apart are brought to light as a vicious murder is investigated.  Diana Gould, herself a screen writer, has done an excellent job in depicting what goes on behind the silver screen.

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